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Cork TilesCork Tiles - Cork Tiles floors for the home and office. Cork tiles are a great choice for flooring, walls and other practical uses and are available in sizes from 4"x4" to 18"x36".

When laying cork tiles, the necessary tools and materials should be gathered and the floor must be prepared. There are numerous links to sites giving instructions on how to lay cork tiles.

Laying cork tiles
Laying cork tiles


Cork tiles are warm to stand on, comfortable and quiet to walk over, but they are not suitable for areas where there will be a lot of traffic. They are available as either natural or ready sealed by the manufacturer. Cork tiles are available in various finishes and shapes. If using natural tiles, the floor must be sealed with polyurethane varnish once laid.

Once you have decided on the tile, note its length and width and measure the room carefully. Measure its length and divide it by the length of one tile. Round up the number of tiles to the next whole number. Now measure the width of the room and divide that by the width of the tile, round up the number of tiles to the nearest whole number. Multiply the two whole numbers together. This will give the number of tiles required to tile the room.

Notched trowel (Click to enlarge)
Notched trowel

What to know on how to lay cork tiles

Cork tiles cannot be directly installed over plank flooring, vinyl or linoleum. A plywood underlayment of at least 1/4 inch thick must be screwed over the existing flooring.

It is always wise to buy a few extra tiles in case of accidental damage in the future. They are easy to cut and are suitable for areas where complicated cuts have to be made.

How to lay cork tiles - The tools that are needed.

Tools Needed
Utility Knife
Pack of Extra Blades for Knife
9" Wide - 3/8" (med.) Nap Foam Paint Roller
9" Paint Roller Handle
Rubber Mallet
Chalk Line w/ Chalk
25' Tape Measure
Framing Square
4" Utility Paint Brush
9" Shurline-style Paint Pad (for finish)
Deep Dish Paint Pan
Painters Stick

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Green Floors - Provides installation guidelines on how to lay cork tiles.

Pictures of some of the tools needed to lay cork tiles:

Flooring roller (Click to enlarge)
Flooring roller

Rubber mallet (Click to enlarge)
Rubber mallet

Framing squares (Click to enlarge)
Framing squares

Chalk line with chalk (Click to enlarge)
Chalk line with chalk

9 inch paint roller handle (Click to enlarge)
9 inch paint roller handle

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