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Parquet FlooringParquet Flooring - Parquet flooring can be used for decorative flooring in geometric designs in the home and office. It can use a variety of woods, including oak, walnut, cherry, lime, pine, and maple.

All wood products should be of excellent quality for the production of parquet floors. For parquet floor production there are numerous suppliers and manufacturers.

Parquet floor production (Click to enlarge)
Parquet floor production


In 17 - 19 centuries, the entire work on parquet was performed only manually, using separately cut parquet and instruments called rabbet plane, jack plane, scraper plane. Mass production of parquet panels at the factories was started only since the 70-ies of the 19th century. So, factory parquet became widely spread only by the beginning of the 80-ies of the last century.

However, the development of mechanized parquet did not mean improvement of its quality. By the beginning of the 20th century, almost all factories switched to mass production of plain parquet stave from various sorts of wood. When constructing dwelling and public buildings, simply laid parquet floors were widely spread.

Double end tenoning (Click to enlarge)
Double end tenoning

Modern parquet floor production is a careful selection of flawless timber, which is dried in vacuum and vacuum-convective kilns, for wood processing the best domestic and imported equipment should be used. In addition, the packaging must provide protection from mechanical impacts and moisture.

The main factors that guarantee the quality of production are the high levels of labor discipline and control at all stages of production process.

Parquet floor production consists of various factors, which assist with the overall process. These factors include the accurate selection of different wood varieties, the best foreign and native equipment that is used to process the wood and the different worked-off production technologies as well as the packaging that is completed for the protection of the wood from mechanical loads and humidity.

Furthermore, in parquet floor production there must be a reliable and well-coordinated team of engineers, technicians and workers and these workers must be well qualified.

Timber Flooring TilesTimber Flooring Tiles - Timber flooring tiles of a range of different woods and styles. Light and dark cork tiles for a unique look and feel, some lovely parquet flooring as well as links to wood floor tile adhesive to stick them firmly in place.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Agros - Wood supplier for parquet floor.

Arcat - Gives a list of manufacturers of Wood Parquet Flooring, their product data, specifications and CAD details.

Bas Wood Floor - Creates pre-finished and semi-finished wood floors, which are designed to serve international wood floor manufacturers.

Rusparquet - A company which determines the choice of elements for parquet floor production. It has developed, mastered the manufacturing and introduced parquet with figure inserts.

Artparquet - A production company, which manufactures high-quality art parquet and exclusive parquet.

It is essential with parquet floor production, that quality control be observed at every stage.

The Production Process of Parquet
Sawnwood drying
Rip Sawing
Cross cutting
Double End Tenoning
Packaging or delivery

Wood parquet floor
Wood parquet floor

Vacuum kiln (Click to enlarge)
Vacuum Kiln

Wood sawing (Click to enlarge)
Wood sawing

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