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Wood TileWood Tile - Wood tile comes in a variety of styles and colours, which is perfect for any décor whether indoor or outdoor. In addition, wood tiles are renowned for simplicity, practicality and decorative value.

Wood light floor tiles come in many different patterns and range of colors, which makes it ideal for any room in the home or office. The various links would provide the necessary information needed about these tiles.

Wood floor tile (Click to enlarge)
Wood floor tile


Wood light floor tile is a unique combination of durability and versatility. It is bright and open, making it the ideal complement to modern furnishing with intricate patterns and a range of colors. However, a simple pattern would enhance the natural beauty of the wood as well as the room.

Using wood light floor tiles bring a warm honey glow to the room, for a welcoming air. Furthermore, the contemporary wood tiles add a rich geometric pattern, without the fuss and business of traditional parquet flooring. The wood light floor tile can be used as another choice to cork or parquet tiles.

Wood tile
Wood tile

These tiles have a distinct style of their own, which are stunning and amazing in variety. In addition, they are quite remarkable and are considered one of the most elegant and stylish entities.

The wood light floor tiles are available in a multitude of styles, finishes and patterns, which are suitable for the interior as well as the exterior. These tiles are particularly robust which makes them resistant against mold, mildew, fungi, termite, rot and decay.

Wood light floor tile (Click to enlarge)
Wood light floor tile

It is good to remember that wood flooring is subject to expansion and contraction like any solid matter. The heat, the cold, and the changes in the weather can affect the flooring thereby making it expand and/or contract at any given time. As a result, it is recommended that you acclimatize your flooring before it is installed so that it is not ruined when you install it later.

Timber Flooring TilesTimber Flooring Tiles - Timber flooring tiles of a range of different woods and styles. Light and dark cork tiles for a unique look and feel, some lovely parquet flooring as well as links to wood floor tile adhesive to stick them firmly in place.

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Anchor Bay Tile - Offers various wood light tiles and mosaic tiles, which are quite perfect for any decor. Call to Order, US Shipping. www.anchorbaytile.com

Ian Trowsdale - Specialises in wood flooring. Various light wood can be viewed. Call to Order, Ships Internationally. www.iantrowsdale.co.uk

RV Hardwoods - Offers various types of wood flooring. Buy online, US Shipping. www.rvhardwoods.com

Shaw Floors - Offers a variety of wood light floors. Buy Online, Ships Internationally. www.shawfloors.com

The Floor Store - Provides a wide range of wood light floor tiles. Call to Order, Ships Internationally. www.the-floor-store.com

Alder end grain tiles (Click to enlarge)
Alder end grain tiles

£27.23 per m2 excluding VAT
£31.99 per m2 including VAT
(Ships Internationally)
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Knotty oaktiles
Knotty oak tiles

(Ships to the UK)
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Canadian cherry wood tile
Canadian cherry wood tile

Square feet per carton: $10.33
Wear Warranty: 25 years
(Ships USA)
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