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Timber flooring tiles of a range of different woods and styles. Light and dark cork tiles for a unique look and feel, some lovely parquet flooring as well as links to wood floor tile adhesive to stick them firmly in place.

Silk wood (Click to enlarge)
Silk Wood


Timber flooring tiles are beneficial to anyone since they can enhance the look of any room in the home or the office, they can also be used indoors or outdoors. They are easy to clean, environmentally friendly; allergy free and can truly enhance the look of any home.

There are different timber flooring tiles, which can give any room, whether indoors or outdoors, a unique look and charm. These tiles can be cork, parquet or wood and each has their own advantages.

Timber flooring
Timber flooring

Each tile is a natural product has unique qualities and is available in a wide variety of unique patterns and shades, which can easily complement any décor or furniture style, and will add character and warmth to any room.

Timber flooring tiles are environmentally sustainable, more energy efficient than other surfaces, non-toxic, and healthy. With its visual warmth and comfort, timber is always an elegant and timeless flooring solution to any indoor living area.

Timber flooring tiles are naturally warm and enticing, providing a relaxing and calming environment and these tiles are cared for will last a lifetime.

Types of Timber Flooring

Floating floors are laid over the existing floor, whether the existing floor is timber, concrete, tiled, particle board, plywood, etc. The advantage of using a real timber floating floor is that it can be sanded and refinished if necessary. However, floating floors of any kind cannot be used in wet areas.

Structural timber floors are the traditional type of timber flooring that is laid on bearers and joists. These floors should only be laid by a professional but it can be a long process, as the timber needs to acclimatize to the environment in which it is being laid

Timber flooring comes in a wide range of styles such as parquetry, tongue and groove and direct stick. Parquetry can be laid in a variety of patterns and is hard wearing and long lasting, due to its thickness. Tongue and groove flooring consists of timber boards that have a tongue on one side and a groove on the other so that they lock in together when laid.

Cork TilesCork Tiles - Cork Tiles floors for the home and office. Cork tiles are a great choice for flooring, walls and other practical uses and are available in sizes from 4"x4" to 18"x36".

Parquet FlooringParquet Flooring - Parquet flooring can be used for decorative flooring in geometric designs in the home and office. It can use a variety of woods, including oak, walnut, cherry, lime, pine, and maple.

Wood TileWood Tile - Wood tile comes in a variety of styles and colours, which is perfect for any décor whether indoor or outdoor. In addition, wood tiles are renowned for simplicity, practicality and decorative value.

Parquet Floor ProductionParquet Floor Production - All wood products should be of excellent quality for the production of parquet floors. For parquet floor production there are numerous suppliers and manufacturers.

Wood Floor Tile AdhesiveWood Tile Adhesive - Wood floor tile adhesive gives you the assurance that your flooring would remain stable and will serve well in the long term. The various links would provide the necessary information needed about the adhesives.

Wood Light Floor TileWood Light Floor Tile - Wood light floor tiles come in many different patterns and range of colors, which makes it ideal for any room in the home or office. The various links would provide the necessary information needed about these tiles.

Installing Parquet FloorsInstalling Parquet Floors - Installing parquet floors can be done on most existing type of flooring once they are secured in place. Installation is very easy and can be completed in two to three days depending on the room.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Beenleigh Tiles - Offers an extensive range of timber flooring tiles in 12 unique shades. Call to Order. www.beenleightiles.com.au

Windsor Tiles - Offers an assortment of timber flooring. Call to Order. www.windsortiles.com

Amber Tiles - Provides timber flooring. Call to Order. Ships Australia. www.ambertiles.com.au

MALRO Timber Tiles - - Provides various timber flooring tiles. Call to Order, Ships Internationally. www.malrotimbertiles.com

Parquet floor tiles
Parquet floor tiles

Suitable for bathrooms and kitchens
Pack contains 5 tiles
(Ships Internationally)
Buy Online Here

Cork tiles
Cork tiles

$4.50 per square foor
$396.00 per box
88 tiles per carton or 88 sq ft
(Ships USA)
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Wood tiles (Click to enlarge)
Wood tiles

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